Onsite/Remote Service.

We can repair or resolve anything from major application errors or faulty hardware to getting rid of annoying pop-ups. Just give us a call and a service technician will come out the same day for local onsite computer repair in the Washington, DC Metro Area or we can connect to you remotely anywhere in the U.S.

Managed Workstations


Keeping your IT running

  • What state are your PC'S in?
  • Systems running slowly?
  • PCs or laptops crashing for no reason?
  • Too much time trying to resolve simple IT issues?
  • Out-of-date software?
  • Lack of in-house resources to fix things?



Making a difference…

“We don’t know how up-to-date our workstations are or if they are at risk from any future problems”
“My laptop was running slowly and I had no idea why or what to do about it which was very frustrating”
“PCs in our office would freeze for no apparent reason, resulting in time lost which could have been spent on sales”
“With 24/7 monitoring of our PCs, we now have a clear picture of their performance and improvements that are required”
“Through remote monitoring and automatic maintenance I can perform tasks much more quickly ”
“With support always available, any issues are quickly resolved meaning we can be up and running in no time”


How does it work?

  • Take a step at a time or go for a full, integrated solution consisting of monitoring, maintenance and support
  • Quick, simple set up which can be done remotely or at your premises
  • Free trials and demos available
  • Easy to use and no experience required
  • Affordable – just a small, monthly fee per PC
  • Developed to meet the requirements of small and medium sized businesses


For more information…

To find out how Managed PC's can help you, contact us now:

(301) 850-7676


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Managed Workstations



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